Montauk Rocks
Five years in the making, at a cost of one drowned camera, one almost drowned cameraman, one blown transmission and two broken ribs, "Montauk Rocks" brings you an immersive experience, without getting wet, in Montauk's fall run fishery. Hitch up your waders, sharpen your hooks and check your knots,"Montauk Rocks" is a wild ride, from past to present, with the personalities who help Montauk remain the undisputed "Surfcasting Capital of the World"
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Montauk Rocks
"For decades professional filmmakers and television producers, from Van Campen Heilner to Jose Wejebe, have tried to capture the action, the culture and the aura of surfcasting in Montauk. But nobody has managed to do it as comprehensively or with such insight as Richard Siberry has done with "Montauk Rocks"
- Michael Wright, The East Hampton Press.